Porters Lake Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Marsh, S Principal 902-827-2525 ext. 3381001 smarsh@hrce.ca
McNamara, L Vice Principal 902-827-2525 ext. 3381002 lmcnamara@hrce.ca
Leights, R Admin Assistant 902-827-2525 ext. 0 rleights@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ashley, S. Grade 3/4 902-827-2525 ext. 3381112 sashley@hrce.ca
Bilodeau, G. Core French (10%) 902-827-2525 ext. 3381123 gbilodeau@hrce.ca
Conrod, D Grade Primary 902-827-2525 ext. 3381164 dconrod@hrce.ca
Cook, E. Grade P/1 902-827-2525 ext. 3381161 ecook@hrce.ca
Dobbin, K. Grade 1/2 902-827-2525 ext. 3381160 dobbink@hrce.ca
Fox, C. Physical Education P-6 (80%) 902-827-2525 ext. 3381185 cfox@hrce.ca
Hubley, J. Learning Center 902-827-2525 ext. 3381108 jennifer.hubley@hrce.ca
Johnston, S. 4-6 Core French - Grade 3/4 Classroom 902-827-2535 ext. 3381118 sara.johnston@hrce.ca
Krichew, C. Grade 4/5 902-827-2525 ext. 3381120 cabriel-krichew@hrce.ca
Ley, S. Resource 902-827-2525 ext. 3381107 shireen.ley@hrce.ca
Luddington, S. Grade 2/3 902-827-2525 ext. 3381155 SLuddington@hrce.ca Website
MacMillan, K. 50% Reading Recovery/50% ELS 902-827-2525 ext. 3381140 kmacmillan@hrce.ca
Martin, J. Grade 6 902-827-2525 ext. 3381113 julie.martin@hrce.ca Website
Nicholson, L. Grade 5/6 902-827-2525 ext. 3381115 lnicholson@hrce.ca Website
Roberts, L. Grade 2 902-827-2525 ext. 3381153 robertsl@hrce.ca
Scott, S. Learning Center ext. 3381008 sheri.scott@hrce.ca Website
Walsh, C. Music 902-827-2525 ext. 3381145 cwalsh@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Baker, R SLD Teacher 902-827-2525 ext. 3381121 rbaker@hrce.ca
Bartlett-Visser, T. EPA (902)-827-2525 ext. 3381108 Terry.Bartlett-Visser@hrce.ca
Clouthier, A. Pre-Primary ECE Support aclouthier@hrce.ca
George, S. ECE Support Teacher sarah.george@hrce.ca
Grinter, T. Caretaker tgrinter@hrce.ca
Hanna, C. EPA channa@hrce.ca
Haverstock, T. EPA thaverstock@hrce.ca
Hogg, A 50% Guidance Counselor 902-827-2525 ext. 3381110 ahogg@hrce.ca Website
Horn, S. Caretaker 902-827-2525 ext. 3381146 shorn@hrce.ca
Jakeman, S. EPA sjakeman@hrce.ca
Keays, K. Librarian 902-827-2525 ext. 3381106 kathy.keays@hrce.ca Website
Kinley, M. Head Caretaker 902-827-2525 ext. 3381146 mkinley@hrce.ca
Kitchen, The Jay's Nest Food Services christina.sutherland@hrce.ca Website
Lin, G. ECE Pre-Primary Lead Chunxiao.Lin@hrce.ca
Moquin, M. EPA mmoquin@hrce.ca
O'Toole, P. Fine Arts 902-827-2525 ext. 3381166 potoole@hrce.ca
Pringle-Boutilier, E. Schools Plus (Lead) EPringleBoutilier@hrce.ca
Robicheau, S. ECE - Lead samantha.robicheau@hrce.ca
Rubin, M. SchoolsPlus Mental Health Clinician miles.rubin@iwk.nshealth.ca
Skinner, K. EPA kim.skinner@hrce.ca
Slaunwhite, K. EPA kslaunwhite@hrce.ca
Tofflemire, M. EPA mtofflemire@hrce.ca
Trager, D Speech/Language Pathologist 902-827-2525 ext. 3381168 dtrager@hrce.ca
Yeo, Jane Community Outreach Worker (Schools Plus) jyeo@hrce.ca